A quick question for Trump

Is Donald Trump fit to be President of the United States?

The answer has been (painfully) obvious for years now. Yes, actual years. But I want to strip this down to a single question. Forget about his health, both mental and physical. Forget about his racism. Forget about his lying. And forget about his “executive time.” There’s one question that should determine whether or not Donald Trump should continue as President or be impeached.

Do you, Mr. President, trust Putin over our own national intelligence services?”

There’s the question. And we already know the answer. Trump has said as much himself, publicly siding with former-KGB old head Putin over the likes of our own Intelligence Community. If you publicly undermine our own intelligence agencies in favor of a pseudo-democratically elected dictator, you obviously aren’t fit for office. It’s that simple.

Forget about the impending Mueller Report and the extent of his involvement in Russian meddling. If you work for America — and no one should be working more for America than the President — you can’t answer that question the way Trump answered.

Putin or the CIA? It’s akin to asking KGB or the CIA. I think this goes without saying, but the President can’t side with the KGB. We don’t need to go any further.

Where’s Joe McCarthy when we could actually use him?

Alex GoldmanComment