A March to Remember

February is basically over. Aside from the fact that time continues to move forward with ever increasing pace, I’m looking forward to the end of February that will bring a March full of events like I haven’t had for some time now.

Things kick-off as soon as the month begins. Sam Harris is coming to the Beacon Theatre in New York for a conversation with Daniel Kahneman this Friday, March 1. CLo and I will be in attendance and taking notes. I’ve known about Sam Harris for at least five years now and just recently began his Waking Up meditation course. I think we’ll be in for an interesting and thought-provoking night!

After a couple more weeks of cold weather (enough already!) and the 12-year anniversary of my Bar Mitzvah on March 10, it’ll be time to head to the Wild West. LA and San Diego, we’re coming! Gotta love spring break…

One of CLo’s closest friends moved from Miami to San Diego at the beginning of February. I haven’t been to SD in literal decades, which, A) how crazy is that to think about? and B) means I’m long overdue for a visit. I had a running theory while I lived in Miami that San Diego is the Miami of the West Coast, which I based almost exclusively on how SD is closest to the equator on the West and the fact they both have water features. I’ve been told they aren’t much alike, at all, other than water. So I might as well have compared Miami to Seattle for that matter.

Moving forward…Before we travel south to inspect the progress being made on the border wall, CLo and I will spend a long weekend in El Segundo at my sister’s house where we’ll be met by my folks as well. I’m always a little bummed out when I go back to Cali but can’t make it up to NorCal. The two of us were discussing making it up to Stockton/San Jose as well as going as far north as Portland to pay my friend Blake a visit, but the timing of it all didn’t end up working out because of an event on the 22nd.

The Rippingtons! And at the Blue Note in Greenwich Village, no less. The Village is easily my favorite neighborhood in the city. Washington Square Park, an eclectic mix of students and artists of all ways, the progressive history, and feels small in one of the biggest cities in the world. The Comedy Cellar is right across the street from the jazz club and our favorite drink spot is right around the corner at the Malt House. So it’ll be a cool vibe from the get go before listening to some of my favorite tunes with my favorite company. The aren’t most peoples cup of tea but I love them.

I’ll be thinking back to the summer of 2017 when I saw the five-man group live in Oakland with my parents and CLo. The performance, led by do-it-all Russ Freeman, was fantastic and made even better by being able to share the experience with those closest to me. And how cool is it that I have a partner in crime who actually likes them as well.

After waiting a year and a half to see them again it’s finally happening! All signs point to another great show.

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