Gotta start somewhere

And here’s where I start...

Listening to old A$AP Rocky and wearing a ‘93 Brett Favre jersey in a multipurpose room that, by the looks of it, was outfitted for a recent banquet. The Packers jersey is par for the course this time of year. Aside from the audio familiarity of A$AP banging through my Bose headphones, everything else is new. Everything but the girl sitting to my left - my lovely girlfriend of 4+ years, Constance. But even we’re in uncharted territory living together for the first time.

The last week of August was my first week living in New York City, the greatest city on Earth. Aside from San Francisco, Jerusalem, and Stockton. Kidding on the last one, of course. Which isn’t to say I think Stockton is a bad place to live, but greatest city on Earth? Okay, back on track…

Technically, I’m squatting in Constance’s two-bedroom apartment on the Columbia University Medical Campus in upstate, er, uptown New York. I mean, we are all the way in the 160’s which, for what it’s worth, might as well be upstate at times. Her roommate, thankfully, is okay with me staying here until I get on my feet.

Earlier today I was downtown meeting with a Stockton connection, a close and longtime friend of our Stockton next-door neighbors. Bill is the editor-in-chief of an architecture newspaper and was cool enough to take some time out of a busy day to help point me in the right direction. Topics included old Stockton stories, the Cal Bear’s football team’s perpetual lack of success, and how the demolition of the Embarcadero freeway was a blessing to the city of San Francisco.

So here I am, sitting on a cheap banquet-style chair with a metal support bar leaving a potentially-permanent impression along my spine and mid-back, writing my first blog post (thanks for reading) and sipping from a mug of cold brew - as in beer - from a mini-keg purchased from Costco. You can blame Salman (or is it Salbass?) Rushdie for any long sentences on here, as my current read is The Satanic Verses. Meal-prepped butter chicken and another pour from the keg await once this gets posted. The keg has a beautiful night sky design and, most importantly, delicious innards.

Now time to figure out the rest of my website. I hope this page winds up being discoverable. Check back regularly for more thoughts on life, jerseys, beer, content, and whatever.

Wish me luck…

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